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Yes, Challenge Accepted....

... at least that's how this week has seemed. I have had a lot of issues, painwise, due tot he fact the leg is actually healing-- did you all know that when something is NOT healing it hurts, but your body gets used to that continual level of pain... but see, as something HEALS, as it creates nerve endings, and skin and the like, the pain level will often ratchet into something approaching licking the freaking SUN for hours at a time. Sometimes it lasts a full day. Oh and the thought that you're getting better? Not really helping, trust me... not when you want to scream and tear things and claw at the injury to make the pain STOP.

That issue aside, there is work. One job is collating journals. Did you know there are literally thousands of professional journals out there? Online, offline, free, paid, members-only, professionals only, anyone can get a copy and so many more... collating this list into something less than elephantine that can be USED by my boss is... um... mind bogglingly difficult. Excel itself hates me for making it try and do this thing. But it *is* getting done, along with everything else I do for my main job for those lovely 8 hours a day.

On the front of the PR I do... OY! OK, the lovely gentleman I know who wrote an opera and wants me to try and find a home for it is getting discouraged-- not at me, but at the fact opera companies can be so damn turgid in looking at new material. So I'm working harder to see if I can find more people to take the sample CD. And the director I've worked with is about to open a new musical as part of a festival in NYC and she is in a tizzy and it is generating a lot of stuff.

So I am busy, and going nuts, and trying to maintain sanity.... all in all, it's been an interesting time... with luck I can update more often soon...
... or whatever you want to call it. Not sure what they call it in other countries, but it's that thing in a child's playground that goes up and down with a child on either end and... you know, it doesn't really matter and I'm really just blowing the simile. ::grin::

Yesterday, Saturday was hellish. For some reason unknown to anyone but her, my cat Sabrina RAN over my legs. "Why, how is that bad" you might ask. Well, the open injuries on my legs got bruised and things stuck to the wounds and had to be jerked free and in general if pain is in a 1-10 level, yesterday was 19 for most of it... to the point of nearly begging to call emergency so I could be taken to an emergency room and I am a person who rode out a sinus infection that nearly killed me at home.

Last night was ok-- yes, I am in some pain.. think 5 out of 10, but after about 6 hours of sleep, I'm actually FINE with that. I've had fun on Facebook, and then I found that in World of Warcraft you can BUY HONOR WITH TIMELESS ISLE COINS and Calladorin's armor is almost all up to 4/4, most made with Burdens and I am studying youtube videos on how to do the greenfire quest... I WILL have it.... muahahahahahahaha...

I am also now desperately farming Eye of Eternity with both Cal and Arisia. See, I'm a moron, and I developed the CHARACTER for the Azure Drake I do not yet even have. He is amazing, and I've drawn him, and written about him and now I um... need to get him... so very glad EoE isn't that hard, really. Once a week I go in, kill Malygos, don't get the drop, and curse nastily...

Anyhow... got a week ahead that looks to be really busy; new things for the off-Broadway play company I do online stuff for, and loads of work for IBP. BUT a long weekend coming up too-- US Independence Day! YAY! ::grin::

well, that was a crappy week...

Seriously... frustrating pain (physically and mentally) and a crapton of work. But hell, it is over, paycheck time is coming, and I am pleased to feel less stress over bills than I have in about 2 years. It'll come back, but this one month, I'm covered to the point that I can indulge in NOT thinking about money for a few days.

This weekend I intend, along with prolly being in pain, to DRAW, and journal... and plot some new characters that have been poking at me since I've been reading the Dresden Files... I love urban fantasy, and have my own group of characters, but until I feel I have a unique story for them, they'll sit in notebooks... but one is starting to come forwards and ask if I can let him live a bit.... and he offered a plot... damn muses... ;D

Oh and I am obsessing over Pharell Williams HAPPY -- he made a TWENTY FOUR HOUR LONG VIDEO for it that is amazing: go visit it; it'll make you happy ::grin::

::opens the window::

Dragon and woman
I know, I know, I never call, I never write...

Let's get us all up to speed... Health? My Diverticulitis went from an active phase to a passive phase and back again three times and I'm so done with it. I just deal with it as it happens and that's about it. The muscle on my right leg is actually working quite well again, and walking is actually possible again, for short distances, so that's a very good thing. And my left leg? One set of the problem is lessening, but as it heals, it is producing nerve ganglia and the amount of pain I get in at some moments is nearly unbearable... seriously; not being a drama llama... if I could I'd start hitting myself with a hammer to stop the pain in my leg. And the fact there is major construction going on across the way with tonnes of dust is NOT helping.

Work? I'm LOVING what I am doing-- the PR stuff I do is a joy, the people are typical artists, so it can get hairy, but I love it. And the institute? OK, first, I love the fact that they are doing seminars in things to work with alternate medicine and giving that a voice. Then I have an amazing boss who I love like a brother, and who, while he can drive me nuts, LISTENS to me and works with me and you have NO CLUE how that makes work better. AND... I am actually PAYING MY BILLS! Get this-- we went from nearly having the refrigerator reposessed to I am ONE PAYMENT from owning it! ALL CAUGHT UP. Do you know how that makes me feel? I can soon start paying friends and family back... I thank the universe daily for this, really I do.

Creativity? Some days I do a lot, some nothing at all... but I'm starting to plot things again... write.... draw.... stamp... color is coming back to my life and with it, ideas and they're all not variations of "how pain is my life".

In WoW I am nearly ready for Calladorin to reattempt the green fire quest... I so want to get it afore the expac drops, just to get the title and all that afore it is dumbed down.


not the finest day today-- nothing bad, just tired and hurting. am also kinda majorly depressed about the whole health situation, and that makes the day drag... now that the depression is lifting, the exhaustion remains.

I've got about 3 spoons left for the day, and that's it...

Did I get work done today? Some. Not enough, I'm sure, but some days I overdo, so I'm not going to freak out, not even for my report tomorrow. I'll have the info he needs by then, so I'll be ok, if not the superstar for my call Friday. For once, I'm not freaking out like a duck with a headcold thinking I've done NOOOOOOOOOOTHING and IT WILLLLLL ALLL BEEEEE FOUUUUUNDDD OUTTTTT... mostly because I have been doing things, and there is nothing to find out... but also because my brain and I had a talk and it is going to stop being a moron and thinking I do so little when I do a damn lot of work...

so, there was whining and crying all morning... and now there is drooping and trying to stay awake... not the finest Wednesday, but I do get it that there are worst out there.

oh, its sticky and warm too... and I hate that, too... just to, you know, bring in weather...

NONFICTION: The Wizard and the Witch

The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism
John C. Sulak, Oberon Zell & Morning Glory Zell
Llewellyn Publications
ISBN-10: 0738714828
ISBN-13: 978-0738714820
8 out of 10

When I was younger, researching alternate religions, the minute I began reading about Paganism, I hit into the names Oberon and Morning Glory Zell. They were the experts I could find and they shared knowledge freely, with GREEN EGG magazine, and a bunch of books. They seemed like a nice couple, and well intentioned and I enjoyed their writing. Apparently, they were having a wonderful time on their end as well, and this book shares stories of their lives together.

It is an amusing book, full of funny, loving and actually some thought provoking incidents and it was a quite enjoyable read. I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed being there along with them as they went through it all, but seeing how their lives shaped the wisdom they shared and the people they influenced as well as who they became as a couple was fascinating.

NONFICTION: Sous Chef- 24 Hours on the Line

Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line
Michael Gibney
Ballantine Books
ISBN-10: 0804177872
ISBN-13: 978-0804177870
6 out of 10

‘Sous Chef’ had an amazing concept—a chef showing 24 hours in the kitchen, told in the second person perspective. Everyone knows what it is like on the other side of the doors, where the patron gets their meal and enjoys a wonderful night out – but honestly, aside from the glimpses we get from television shows, the kitchen itself is a bit of a mystery to most of us. I was eager to read it the moment I was approved at Net Galley, as while I dislike the term “foodie”, I am very interested in professional cooking.

Sadly, the intent does not carry through. What could have been interesting comes off as a bit annoying; with near hero worship of the chef, and the second person perspective gets old quickly. I did like some of the information, but thought the way it was delivered was a bit flat, as if the author himself was getting tired of it all by the end of the book.

I hate to say it, but by the end, I found myself comparing this book to Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Kitchen Confidential’ and this book truly came up lacking, even with the great concept, and the fact it was aimed entirely on the kitchen and not the life of a chef as Bourdain’s book became near the end. Still, if I was asked which book to recommend to others, it sadly would not be ‘Sous Chef’.

FICTION: The Explorer's Gate

The Explorer’s Gate
Chris Grabenstein
Open Road Media Teen & Tween
8 out of 10

A lot of modern YA books tend to revolve around romance, with a bit of adventure. That is enjoyable, and there are many stellar examples, but I admit to having grown up reading authors like Elizabeth Enright and E. L. Konigsburg, where the adventure was the primary plot with little or no nod to angst and romance. That was why I was so very pleased with THE EXPLORER’S GATE.

We have a strong female heroine, an amazing setting (I’m biased, having grown up in NYC, and spent many hours lost in Central Park!) and a wonderful plot that made you want to keep reading for hours. I’ve since happily shared the book with younger relatives, but will be poking it towards adult friends as well—it is ageless in who would enjoy it, and that is rare indeed.


FICTION: Dogs of War

Dogs of War
Sheila Keenan & Nathan Fox
ISBN-10: 0545128889
ISBN-13: 978-0545128889
8 out of 10

This is a graphic novel collection of three stories of three dogs and their handlers in different military conflicts. You get drawn in, living the stories of the men and their dogs, as it is honestly more about those men than their canine companions. The great thing about the collection is that there are no set black and whites—the “bad guys” are not always bad, nor are all the good guys wonderful shiny heroes.

It is aimed at reluctant readers, with a bit of info about each era and conflict before each story, but it is an enjoyable read, even for an older reader, and any fan of dogs will really enjoy it as well. The stories themselves are well put together and the art adds to them nicely.


FICTION: A Taste Fur Murder

A Taste Fur Murder
Dixie Lyle
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1250031079
ISBN-13: 978-1250031075
7 out of 10

This is the first book of a new cozy mystery series that is amusing, although a bit false in the early-on tugs made to your heartstrings. Our heroine and sleuth is Diedre F. Lancaster, known throughout the book as Foxtrot. She is the administrative assistant to a rather eccentric and vivacious wealthy woman which keeps her continually busy. ZZ especially enjoys hosting Salons filled with disparate people from all over the world, and loves to see the fireworks that occasionally erupt. And some do, with a murder happening in ZZ’s home, leaving Foxtrot in the middle of it all.

And then the plot gets confusing, as at the same time Foxtrot is trying to solve the murder and then poisoning of her boss, she is dealing with the fact that she has become a guardian of a mystical gateway that allows the ghosts of animals who have passed beyond, a gateway that opens in the pet cemetery on her bosses’ property. In this part of the plot we meet her two helpers, who also help with her solving the mystery, both in this book, and obviously those to come. One is a dog and the other the ghost of her beloved cat Tango. Sadly, this aspect of the book at times greatly overwhelms the mystery part of the book.

It all gets a bit confusing, what with all the rules and collection of ghostly animals who are more than they seem that are introduced along the way, and the semi frequent pauses which reflect on the love never lost when your loved pets pass falls a bit flat, and this is coming from someone who lost a very loved pet fairly recently. The book might have been a bit better served with these parts shaved a bit, considering it is also a mystery, setting up characters for a series, and setting up Foxtrot’s possible love interests. The book is a decent set up for what may be a highly amusing series, but had issues that might push away a more casual cozy mystery reader.